A great place with well-trained staff, a lot of resources, and family-centered. We love to see our child happy to go to school.

Adriana C.


The teachers are awesome! Our daughter learned so much that her move to school was very positive. We recommend the program!

I am so pleased with the care. My son loves his teachers, and they go out of their way to make my little one feel at home.

Sue & John A.



To provide children with a high-quality educational environment, we use The Creative Curriculum, which supports active learning and inspires each child — from infant to preschooler —  to become resilient, creative, and confident thinkers, as well as lifelong learners.







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Erin J.



We believe in the development of the whole child; that all children can learn; that children do best in engaging environments; that families and community are vital for children's development; and that all children can become contributing members of society.

At our program, we strive to create a joyful, inclusive, and supportive environment for parents, children, and employees. Understanding the values and uniqueness of individuals is a powerful foundation for the learning we promote. From this perspective comes a deep respect for the enormous potential of each person — child, parent, and educator. Families and children are valued as the foundations for a strong and thriving community, and we see parents as partners in the shared goal of providing their children with the best possible education.


Our program provides challenging early education, thus maximizing a child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development. We follow the guidelines of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and utilize The Creative Curriculum, which is based on 5 principles and supports teachers in creating quality learning environments  underscored by strong personal relationships that facilitate positive outcomes for children. Our teachers lead by example, educate using best-practices, and foster children’s creativity, choice, and discovery. Consequently, we graduate successful, kindergarten-ready children, who become lifelong learners through everyday exploration and age-appropriate learning. In short, we encourage children to PLAY, EXPLORE, LEARN, and GROW.

To enhance our curriculum, we partner with the Wolf Trap Institute for Early Learning through the Arts, Reading is Fundamental, Northern Virginia Community College, Stratford University, and the Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development. Rising kindergartners participate in a school readiness summer camp designed to facilitate their transition to elementary school. With the completion of the program's expansion in 2018, we launched a camp for school aged children.

To gauge the level of our program's quality, we routinely use the CLASS, ECERS, and ITERS assessment tools, which  examine social-emotional and instructional interactions that contribute to children’s social competence and academic achievement, as well as measure the quality of classrooms. The results obtained offer feedback that helps us improve and grow.

We are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia, nationally accredited by NAEYC and participate in Virginia Quality, a state standard for quality early leaning that recognizes an organization's commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.


Our teachers strive to:
Know each child as an individual.
Observe and record the abilities of each child.
 Provide opportunities for age-appropriate learning experiences.
 Use lesson plans that encourage children’s emerging abilities.
Continue to educate themselves to experience professional growth.
 Support parents by providing information, resources, and referrals.

 Assist children with learning disabilities by having our in-house team of special needs

    experts provide child-specific recommendations for parents and teachers to follow.