Dear Parent:

We appreciate your interest in our program
. We understand the challenges involved in selecting an early learning center for your child, and we are here to help make this an easy choice for your family.


Much of what children need to succeed in life is established before they enter kindergarten. it is a period when a child builds cognitive abilities — the foundation for reading, math, science, and other academic subjects — as well as character, social-emotional skills, and gross-motor abilities, which includes everything from impulse control to problem-solving.
We define quality as an environment that inspires the natural curiosity of children and believe they learn best through doing.

We have a long history in Fairfax County as a high-quality provider of early education. We have been serving parents since 1967, and although much has changed, the needs of working, low-income parents have become more complex. We offer a nurturing and safe learning environment and believe that children of diverse socio-economic backgrounds learn better when their personal needs are met. We use The Creative Curriculum, which guides teachers to look at children as individuals and allows them to support their social, emotional, and cognitive development.


We believe that when a family chooses us, it is the beginning of a journey through their child’s critical first 5 years. We hope that our program becomes an extension of home. Moreover, our staff members are available to answer any questions about your child's educational and developmental progress.

Parent and Community Participation

We strongly believe that parents are a child’s first teacher, and meaningful family engagement in the early years supports school readiness and academic progress. By partnering with families, we create a strong foundation for a child’s future success. In like manner, our program receives unwavering support from ACCA churches, foundations, corporations, individual donors, and numerous volunteers. This level of community engagement is what makes us stronger and able to fulfill our mission.


Maria-Isabel Ballivian
Executive Director




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